Grupo UOL is the largest Brazilian content, technology, services and payment media company.

For two decades, we have been the largest Brazilian content, service and product company on the internet. Nine out of ten Internet users access UOL every month, its homepage receives more than 114 million unique visitors per month.

The constant search for innovation and the credibility that we have gained throughout this history guided us here. And they will continue to guide us for years to come.

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UOL airs for the first time, as the first content portal in Brazil

Universo Online is going airs, with chat service, daily edition of Folha de S. Paulo, Folha files with about 250 thousand texts, The New York Times articles (translated into Portuguese), Folha da Tarde and Popular News, Classifieds, Tours and Saúde and IstoÉ magazines. The UOL logo appears for the first time.


Launch of UOL TV, 24h showing with videos of shows and news.

TV UOL was the first TV made especially for the Internet in Brazil. It was a pioneer in the transmission of live content, in the interconnection with open TV, in the interactivity and in the construction of a large collection of videos on demand.

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1998 Change of logo


For the first time, UOL covered the Sydney Olympic Games on-site

We consolidated the importance of UOL Sports as one of the biggest sports sites in the country


UOL launches services for wap, its first initiative for mobile phones

The UOL wap service has enabled mobile users to access UOL's rich content anytime, anywhere.


UOL changes its homepage to cover the September 11 attack

The homepage was prepared and published at the same day and UOL was the only news site in the country that was not down.


UOL broadcasts the first game of the Brazilian national team on the internet

We made history and exclusively transmitted the friendly match of the Brazilian soccer team to subscribers, directly from Barcelona. It was the first time that the Brazilian team, four times world champion, had a game transmitted via the internet.


Security to access the internet

UOL Antivirus is a digital security product that offers protection against viruses and hackers for computers, notebooks and smartphones. It also provides protection against loss or theft of cell phones and tablets, by remotely tracking and locking the device.

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Brazilian Politicians Project wins ESSO prize for media contribution

We were acknowledged by the importance of our content through one of the most respected awards in Brazil.



To meet a growing e-commerce market, PagSeguro, the Brazilian leader in online payment means, emerges. Consumers start buying and selling over the internet in a secure, reliable and affordable way.

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Launch of UOL HOST

We have promoted the digital inclusion of thousands of companies and facilitated online entrepreneurship, offering hosting platform, e-commerce, cloud computing and services aimed at digital businesses.

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Launch of UOL Technical Assistance

Launched in 2008, UOL Technical Assistance is a service of remote assistance (virtual and telephone visit) and presence (technical visit) to configure, optimize and solve doubts and problems related to computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and other electronics such as modem, router, webcam and peripherals.

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UOL and Folha promoted the first presidential debate for the internet in the country's history. At that time, more than 1.4 million people watched the event online in 127 different countries.


Launch of UOL DIVEO and its own data center

UOL DIVEO is a Brazilian company belonging to the UOL Group that offers technology services with innovation to deliver the best business results to clients, unpacking IT and delivering complete solutions that go through diagnosis, solution and implementation, from basic infrastructure services to state-of-the-art technologies within the pillars of Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation.


UOL EdTech, Brazil's largest online education group

UOL EdTech offers online learning solutions to meet the challenges and needs of all stages of people's lives, providing growth, development and skills development in a wide range of areas of expertise. In addition, it is the official and exclusive recruitment and training platform of FIFA and IOC and a leader in corporate education.

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2014 Change of logo


Audience record with the counting of the presidential elections

UOL hit view records during the counting of votes in one of Brazil's most disputed elections.


UOL TAB goes online for the first time, in an interactive format and with a provocative content

TAB is UOL's answer to our audience's need to consume quality content in creative, engaging and interactive formats. Every Monday, the audience has free access to a new TAB report.

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Launch of PagSeguro Moderninha

With the aim of contributing to the digital inclusion of entrepreneurs and boosting the economy, PagSeguro launches Moderninha, allowing small retailers, freelancers and professionals to increase their income by accepting debit, credit and meal cards.

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UOL Homepage beats audience record with dialogues between Lula and Dilma.

The UOL homepage got its biggest audience on Wednesday, March 16. There were 6.8 million unique users and more than 54.9 million overnight shipments during the day.

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Launch of PagSeguro Minizinha

PagSeguro expands its portfolio and launches Minizinha, which works when connected to the mobile or tablet through Bluetooth technology. With no monthly or sign-up fees, Minizinha is an easy and affordable solution for those who are starting a business and don’t want to lose any sale.

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UOL wins the Caboré prize

The Caboré awards honors the main vehicles and professionals who contributed to the development of the communication industry and it’s the most important award of Brazilian advertising. The award was a way to wrap up this year full of news for UOL.

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Launch of Moderninha Smart

PagSeguro launches Moderninha Smart, the no monthly Android™ system machine, that already comes with a free Digital Account to pay, transfer money, take out a loan, top up a smartphone and withdraw at Banco24Horas. Moderninha Smart has 4G, Wifi and Bluetooth connection.

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UOL sets its own audience record

In 2019, in addition to launching the ECOA content platforms, with a focus on purposeful journalism, START, which covers the universe, of games and eSports, Tilt, the technology platform, and also MOV, UOL’s video producer, we reached the marks 107 million unique users we become leaders among the largest content producers in the country.


PagSeguro PagBank is the new digital bank on the market

After consolidating itself as the largest payment company in Brazil, PagSeguro launched PagBank, a 100% digital, fee-free bank that offers different account formats, as well as solutions for online or face-to-face payments. The lance account, as it is known by the Brazilians, receives more than the economy and comes with an international card without annual fee.


Compass UOL, technology and people focused on innovation

Compass UOL is a pure-play digital transformation services specialist. We design and build digital-native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help enterprises innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We nurture the best digital talent, creating opportunities to improve people's lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society.

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Launch of Edge UOL, focused on Edge Computing, 5G and last generation IT services

Edge UOL is born from the spin-off of Compass UOL's IT infrastructure business, com for the purpose of delivering differentiated technology services, Edge UOL offers a unique hybrid experience connecting technology and workloads from and to anywhere, with ultralow latency, performance, and resilience. In its portfolio has Edge Computing, Virtualization and 5G Cloud Connect, adding experience and automation in the management of IT services and cybersecurity.

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Rebranding: PagBank PagSeguro now is PagBank, the complete bank.

As one of the biggest digital banks in Brazil and being well-established as one of the most profitable fintechs of its industry, PagBank PagSeguro decided, in 2023, to combine all of its payment solutions and financial services into one brand: PagBank. This is another step to strengthen the company’s position as a digital, simple, solid, complete bank, offering banking and payment solutions for both consumers and sellers, with the purpose of making people and businesses’ lives easier.

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