Rules of Security and Privacy

This Appendix is part of the Global Privacy Policy – UOL Group. If the USER accesses the website and/or uses the services, resources, technologies or functions offered by UOL Group through the websites and apps for the purchase of tickets or other services that are or will be offered through these channels (“Service”), the following complementary conditions will be applied. The terms defined in this Annex are complementary to those established in the Global Privacy Policy – UOL Group. Unless specified Otherwise, capitalized terms shall have the same meaning as assigned to them in the Global Privacy Policy – UOL Group. In case of conflict, this Annex will supersede the Global Privacy Policy – UOL Group.

Data sharing

1. Apart from the provisions of the Global Privacy Policy – UOL Group, UOL Group may share Data with, among others, cinemas, theaters, parties/concerts, museums and event promoters/ organizers (“Partners”) for the followig purposes:

(i) authorize the USER to enter the Partner’s premises, as well as resolve USER servisse issues. In such cases, the CPF, name, e-mail address and telefone number may be provided;

(ii) we will share Data When the ticket purchase originates on the Partner’s website or app, but it has been completed on the website or app (identified by the information “powered by” or similar). In these cases, you may provide your CPF, e-mail address, order ID, name, date of purchase, movie/concert/event, date and time of the session, type of session and number of tickets;

(iii) When purchasing promotional tickets offered by institutions and product/servisse providers (such as “Half-price” tickets), we will share Data with the Partner so that he can demonstrate to institutions and providers their eligibility for the promotional ticket; and

(iv) with the respective Partner, if They have a loyalty program. In these cases, the CPF can be provided.

Versions in other languages are provided just for reference, if any question arises, the Portuguese version shall prevail.