Rules of Security and Privacy

List of Suboperators – Learning.Rocks

1. This Annex integrates the Global Privacy Policy – Grupo UOL. If the USER uses the services, resources, technologies or functions offered by Ciatech Tecnologia Educacional Ltda. on the Learning.Rocks platform (“Learning.Rocks Platform”), the following supplementary conditions will apply.

2. The terms defined in this Annex are complementary to those set out in the Global Privacy Policy – Grupo UOL. Unless otherwise specified, capitalized terms will have the same meaning as they are given in the Global Privacy Policy – Grupo UOL.

3. In case of conflict, this Annex will prevail over the Global Privacy Policy – Grupo UOL.

(i) With whom do we share your Personal Data?

4. In addition to the provisions of the clauses 2.6., 3.2. and 3.2.1. of the Privacy Policy, the Learning.Rocks Platform uses some additional third-party services and platforms to carry out its activities.

5. Below is a list of third parties with whom your data is shared:



Country where the treatment takes place

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Server. To provide its services, Learning.Rocks needs hosting and a database to store information. To this end, Learning.Rocks sends the data and information collected on the Learning.Rocks Platform to AWS.


Cloudinary Ltd

Image storage platform. We store photos and images used on the Learning.Rocks Platform.


Hevo Data Inc

Hevo Data is an ETL platform that transfers data between databases. In this case, Hevo Data transfers the data from the application banks (Postgres, Mongo) to the BigQuery database to make them available for analytics.


Google LLC

Google Cloud Platform, used to generate and store reports from the Learning.Rocks Platform.


Learning Technologies Group Plc

Scorm Cloud - stores content in scorm format used on the Learning.Rocks Platform.


(ii) Rights of Holders

6. When we make the Learning.Rocks Platform available to the USER and their employees, we act as a data operator on the USER's behalf. This means that the rights to access and use the Platform by employees are the responsibility of the USER, that is, the company that granted access to the Platform. If you submit a request directly to Learning.Rocks, we will forward it to USER so they can take appropriate action.

(iii) Security incidents

7. To report security incidents:

Send an email to describing as many details as possible about the situation. We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.

Versions in other languages are provided just for reference, if any question arises, the Portuguese version shall prevail.