Rules of Security and Privacy

PagBank Health

1. In case the USER uses the "PagBank Health" service, the following additional conditions shall apply.

2. When using PagBank Health, the USER may be requested to provide documents and additional information, especially Health-related Data, including but not limited to:

(i) types of consultations (specialties) and/or laboratory and imaging tests that the USER may undergo either online (telemedicine) or in-person;

(ii) surgeries that the USER may request/undergo; and

(iii) activation of discounts at pharmacies, both online and in-person, if the USER wishes to request/utilize.

3. In addition to the purposes and sharing described in the Privacy Policy, for the proper functioning of PagBank Health, it is necessary for the Grupo UOL to use and share USER Data (including sensitive Data) with partners and service providers. The USER acknowledges and gives explicit and unequivocal consent for such sharing and use. The sharing and use of Data are also necessary for the following purposes:

(i) scheduling or conducting in-person and video consultations (teleconsultations and telemedicine), surgeries, and/or tests;

(ii) obtaining discounts on medications;

(iii) participating in capitalization draws;

(iv) conducting laboratory and imaging tests; and

(v) enabling partners and service providers to fulfill contracts between the Grupo UOL and the USERS.

Versions in other languages are provided just for reference, if any question arises, the Portuguese version shall prevail.