Rules of Security and Privacy

Partners who collect and process Data

1. Grupo UOL uses:

(i) Google Analytics and Google ReCaptcha in order to collect and process Data, as per Google policies available at,, and which is fully agreed by the USER when accepting this Privacy Policy. Any use by Google or its partners of the USER’s Data collected through such tools shall be the sole and exclusive liability of Google, and Grupo UOL is held harmless of any liabilities resulted from such use.

(ii) TailDMP solution for audience segmentation, which the USER may opt-out at any time by visiting

(iii) Piano solution for audience segmentation, as per Piano’s policies available at,, and

(iv) Twitter solution for advertisement, as per Twitter’s policy available at, and the USER may opt-out at any time by visiting

(v) The Smart AdServer to sale ads, as per AdServer’s policy, available at, and the USER may opt-out at any time through

(vi) TikTok Pixel solution, powered by TikTok, to collect information on usage of website, applications, and services offered by Grupo UOL for targeted ads and to measure the ads’ performance. TikTok may collect this information using tracking technologies, such as pixels, cookies, APIs, and SDKs. TikTok Pixel allows you to redirect products and services viewed in the websites, applications, and services offered by Grupo UOL and by TikTok to USERS, to measure how many clicks the USER had after viewing one of those ads. Information on how TikTok collects, uses, and protects information collected using TikTok Pixel, as well as the option to opt-out are available at TikTok’s Privacy Policy (

(vii) Data may be collected, stored, used and/or collected by the Zendesk Group and/or shared with the Zendesk Group, licensor of the software called ZENDESK, used for customer service. For further details on the processing of personal data by the Zendesk Group, please see

Versions in other languages are provided just for reference, if any question arises, the Portuguese version shall prevail.