Rules of Security and Privacy

Loan and Investment Platform

1. If the USER uses the online Loan and Investment Platform offered by companies part of Grupo UOL (“Loan and Investment Platform”), the following additional conditions shall be applicable.

2. When using the Loan and Investment Platform, the USER may be requested to submit additional documents and information, for purposes of credit analysis, in addition to the performance of know-your-client and anti-money-laundering procedures. Information obtained by Grupo UOL will be handled as confidential information, under Declaratory Statute No. 105 of January 10, 2001, which provides for the confidentiality of operations by financial institutions.

3. If Grupo UOL suspects that the USER provided fake information, third parties may be triggered in order to assess the possibility of fraud; these third parties shall have access to the information provided with the sole purpose of verifying whether there was an occurrence of fraud.

4. Grupo UOL may transfer collected Data to other market agents, such as financial institutions, who shall be needed, solely and exclusively with the purpose of performing the activities related to the Loan and Investment Platform.

5. In addition to the purposes described in the Privacy Policy, Grupo UOL and the third-party service providers are hereby authorized to use the information submitted by the USERS with the following purposes:

(i) USER identity verification;

(ii) to prevent the occurrence of money-laundering and financial crimes;

(iii) to detect any fraud;

(iv) to perform credit analysis;

(v) to manage the Loan and Investment Platform;

(vi) to make the home page of the Loan and Investment Platform available to its users and to identify the services that may interest them;

(vii) to perform regulatory controls required by applicable law/regulation;

(viii) to provide information to any third parties that may be interested on and/or concerning the intended operation; and

(ix) to ensure the execution of the intended operation.

6. Grupo UOL has resources for physical, electronic and procedural protection to the Loan and Investment Platform, in compliance with the national and global legal standards of personal information protection, such as mechanisms of access authentication with two-factor authentication systems, ensuring the individual identification of the person responsible for the handling of records, inventory with details of access to the Loan and Investment Platform and the use of management solution of records through methods that ensure the sanctity of the data.

Versions in other languages are provided just for reference, if any question arises, the Portuguese version shall prevail.