Rules of Security and Privacy

Payment Management Service

1. If the USER uses “PagBank” payment management service, the following additional conditions shall be applicable:

2. Upon authorization from the USER, Grupo UOL may access information available in the email of the USER to manage bank-issued invoices (boletos).

3. Any access of Grupo UOL to the email boxes of the USERS:

(i) shall only occur upon prior and express consent from the USER, which may be granted and revoked at any time through the tools available in the USER’s email.

(ii) shall occur automatically, without the involvement of any human element;

(iii) shall be restricted solely to emails concerning bank-issued invoices, for the proper operation of the feature offered by Grupo UOL, allowing the USER to manage their accounts payable, as well as streamlining the payment using Grupo UOL’s services/products; and

(iv) occurs only if the email provider of the USER has a feature allowing the authorized access by Grupo UOL. Under no circumstance Grupo UOL will request the USER to provide their credentials to access their email.

4. The use of information received by Gmail APIs from Grupo UOL is made in compliance with Google Limited Use Requirements (

4.1. Grupo UOL shall only use such access to read the body of messages in Gmail (including exhibits), metadata, headers, and settings for allowing the user to manage consumption accounts, and Grupo UOL shall not transfer the Gmail data to third parties, unless it has to be done in order to provide and improve such resources, compliance with applicable law or in the event of a merger, acquisition or sell of assets.

4.2. Grupo UOL shall not use data from Gmail for advertisement purposes.

4.3. Grupo UOL will not allow humans to read such data, unless we have your consent for specific messages, which is required for security purposes, such as for investigating misuse, compliance with applicable law or for internal operation of Grupo UOL’s solutions, and, even so, only upon aggregation and anonymization of the data.

5. If the USER uses his e-mail registered in the payment management service “PagBank” to carry out a transaction via “checkout” in any store, website or application that also uses the payment services of “PagSeguro” or “Pagbank”, Grupo UOL will automatically link your transactions to the “PagBank” account, for greater control and consultation by the USER.

Versions in other languages are provided just for reference, if any question arises, the Portuguese version shall prevail.